Generative AI: Paving the Way for Enhanced Social Bonds

Explore the world of generative AI and the impact of ChatGPT, an innovative language model. Discover how effective communication with AI can improve human interactions and elevate our natural intelligence. Embrace this transformative technology for a brighter future and enhanced social bonds. A must-read for those curious about AI’s potential in fostering meaningful conversations.

Years ago, during a therapy session, I had a conversation with a psychologist that made me realize the utmost importance of effective and meaningful communication between individuals.

The essence of our discussion was that during any conversation, there are always two roles in constant flux: the sender and the receiver of the message. As the sender, you must first craft a message that conveys your intentions clearly. After expressing it, your responsibility is to ensure that the recipient has received it as intended. Conversely, when you find yourself in the role of the receiver, you must first acknowledge that you have received the message before ensuring that you have comprehended its meaning accurately.

That day, for the first time, I looked at the art of conversation from this perspective, and suddenly, subconsciously, my mind wandered to the familiar sight of two green ticks on WhatsApp and Telegram. It seemed that they, too, were inspired by this perspective.

Two green ticks on WhatsApp

Now, years have passed since that therapy session, and that memory has resurfaced in my mind, but this time from a different perspective. These days, the hot topic is the remarkable advancement of “Large Language Models” (LLMs), exemplified by a service called ChatGPT. I’m not sure how much you are familiar with it or have experience working with it, but it’s vital to understand that we are on the brink of a significant revolution.

Let’s give ChatGPT the chance to get acquainted with us, shall we?

The word “Chat” in ChatGPT clearly refers to conversation, and “GPT” stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformers. I won’t delve into the scientific and technical details, as that would be a lengthy and perhaps tedious discussion. However, it’s essential to have a general understanding so that we aren’t left in the dark.

In simple terms, ChatGPT is the culmination of years of AI development that we once saw in science fiction movies. Artificial intelligence has reached a stage where it can listen to our words with minimal errors and provide us with relevant and practical responses based on the input message.

We can now envision the logical progression from science to technology and from technology to practical application, where we find ourselves with a fully functional and reliable service. ChatGPT is a practical product falling under the umbrella of Generative AI, and it is poised to perform a wide array of tasks for us. Some days, it truly amazes me, and I can’t help but think of the magical genie who emerged from the lamp to fulfill three wishes. The difference is that ChatGPT has no limits on the number of wishes. Now that we have a general picture of it, we know precisely what we are talking about.

Imagine a human with an immense brain

This service becomes even more critical when we consider that after the introduction of version 3.5 of this product, the world witnessed a massive uproar. We are talking about approximately nine months ago, or to be precise, the month of November 2022. All the major technology companies jumped at the chance after the unveiling of ChatGPT, the 3.5 version of GPT developed by Open AI. The outputs of this service were so captivating and useful that everyone was eager to have such a service. It’s worth mentioning that some tech giants like Google were already working on similar products and had invested in numerous startups in this field, but their outputs never reached this level of appeal. Nevertheless, after witnessing the public’s response to ChatGPT, all companies entered a fiercely competitive race that is progressing at a breathtaking pace. It can be predicted that the winners of this competition will undoubtedly be the leaders of the future in technology and information technology worldwide.

At present, the latest statistics from Futurepedia, a media outlet dedicated to introducing AI tools worldwide, show that we have more than 3,500 AI tools operating in 50 different categories. Pause for a moment; did you notice? In 50 categories, which means AI is being incorporated into nearly every conceivable area. From writing and directing to design, programming, music, art, and even law, AI is making its way into various industries and factories.

Moving past the initial explanations, we come to the real impact of ChatGPT on our personal and professional lives. The primary function of ChatGPT, in simple terms, is to generate unique outputs based on your input, which is primarily in the form of a question, request, or what we call a prompt. It creates a response that has never before existed on the internet and is tailored specifically to fulfill your needs. This output can take the form of answering a question, generating a unique image, composing music or visual content, or even writing a piece of programming code. There are numerous practical examples we can explore later if you are interested.

Magic box is ready for you!

Let’s delve into the heart of the matter.

Remember the therapy session at the beginning of this article? When we set aside the realm of generative AI services like ChatGPT, we encounter a fascinating subject — the point of interaction between humans and machines.

To put it simply, before these machines, everything served humans, receiving and executing commands in a one-sided manner. But until now, we have never engaged in a two-way interaction — a conversation with machines that is unpredictable. Even the most advanced machines, like computers or smartphones, would execute any command we gave them, and the output was entirely predictable. However, when the outputs not only become unpredictable but also unique, we enter a new phase of interaction with machines. Because we can’t imagine what response the machine will give to our messages and requests. So, we are set to have an interactive conversation with it.

Understanding this concept isn’t that difficult, as many of our human social problems arise from not having proper and effective conversations. Many of our work and personal issues stem from a lack of effective communication skills. Mostly because we can’t properly analyze the situation, we encounter various misunderstandings and then end up in considerable trouble. We all know how that feels. As the poet puts it, “Love seemed easy at first, but then came difficulties.” It’s the lack of effective communication skills, which falls under soft skills, an acquired skill set that is now receiving more attention than ever in our daily interactions.

This is the same skill of sending or receiving messages that the counselor aimed to enlighten me about. While we all know English and have a natural grasp of it as our primary language, having a common language is not enough to create an effective conversation. Analyzing the conversation space, the topic of the discussion, continuous analysis of what is said and heard, and then designing the next message — arranging the words properly and expressing them with the appropriate tone — are all the details that must be addressed in a healthy conversation. They need to be processed rapidly to experience a smooth and effective conversation.

So, possessing such a skill is not as straightforward as it may seem. Acquiring skills like these is as arduous as sculpting a beautiful, well-trained body — requiring continuous attention, precision, time, cost, and energy. And once it is built, daily practice and maintenance are essential to keep it functional and beautiful.

Now, let’s imagine that we are talking about a world where we are not only engaging in effective conversations with other humans but also with machines. In today’s technological literature, this skill is called “Prompt Engineering.” It is one of those aspects that deserve careful attention.

Prompt Engineering, Skill of the Future!

As I approach the conclusion, it is time to understand the connection between these topics. Have you ever noticed that until you own a red car, you never pay attention to other red cars on the streets? But once you own a red car, you suddenly realize how many red cars there are. The things that fall within your focus receive different treatment, and you observe them more carefully, paying greater attention. Due to our habitual and daily communication, we unconsciously use language, and sometimes, due to this familiarity, we overlook the significance of using it correctly.

I feel that what highlights the importance of ChatGPT’s presence and other generative AI services is linking the importance of effective human conversations with effective conversations with machines.

Our high motivation and interest in learning to work with new technologies always enable us to quickly learn how to use modern tools correctly. Just like when we learned how to use Instagram and Telegram as professional users. Learning to have an effective conversation with ChatGPT is a necessary step in mastering the structure of an effective conversation. Learning how to ask the right questions or make the right requests so that the machine understands our intent and provides an appropriate response is vital. This process leads us to reconsider the importance of proper conversation, and this time, like that red car, we need to have conscious attention to the various dimensions of this conversation and its design.

Realistic and harmonious synchronization of conscious conversations with artificial intelligence over time improves our thinking model of how to engage in effective human conversations and helps us unconsciously strive for active listening, better analysis, and better articulation in everyday social conversations.

Smile to brighter future!

As a technology enthusiast, I firmly believe that the positive impact of technology is always greater than its negative effects, and the world is becoming a better place to live every day. Therefore, rather than being preoccupied with the common concerns we hear and see in the news about AI taking over human jobs, I focus on the positive dimensions. Let us allow different dimensions of this new phenomenon to be heard with a positive perspective. Of course, I believe that in today’s world, if we are not learners, we will quickly become replaceable, and our shelf life will be short. But if we are learners and adaptable, we will not only view this progress as a threat to humanity but also use this significant opportunity, something that humanity has never experienced before and has always dreamed of, to enhance our awareness and improve our quality of life.

All we need to do is adopt an approach to using these technologies that aligns with elevating the quality of our lives and work. Let’s learn how to become efficient users of these versatile products to increase our productivity tenfold, and in the next steps, let’s draw inspiration from the thinking model behind generative AI and elevate our natural intelligence to be at the forefront.

Lets be Friend…

In conclusion, the advent of generative AI and ChatGPT presents an extraordinary opportunity to explore the dimensions of effective conversations. Embracing and mastering this new technology will enable us to engage in a dialogue that was previously unimaginable — with both fellow humans and intelligent machines. The road to progress lies in becoming proficient conversationalists, whether in the realm of natural language or through AI-assisted communication. By cultivating the art of effective conversation, we unlock the potential for personal and social growth, ultimately steering us towards a brighter, smarter future.

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