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Initial Consultation


Consultation Updates

Biannual Reviews

Pathway Designing


Performance Tracking


AI Impoverments


Strategic Plan

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Initial Consultation


Consultation Updates

Triannual Reviews

Pathway Designing


Performance Tracking


AI Impoverments


Premium Plan

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Initial Consultation


Consultation Updates

Bimonthly Reviews

Pathway Designing


Performance Tracking


AI Impoverments

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Each of our plans is designed to meet different organizational needs and scales. Our pricing model combines a fixed platform fee with a per-user license, offering you flexibility and scalability.

  • Growth Plan
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    Premium Plan
Features Growth PlanStrategic Plan
Premium Plan
Starting at$590 USD
(billed annually)
Starting at$850 USD
(billed annually)
starting at$1250 USD
(billed annually)
Genbite LXD Features
Access to all the core functionalities of Genbite LXD, enabling comprehensive learning design and management.
Full AccessFull AccessFull Access
Initial Consultation
A preliminary session to understand your specific needs and tailor the Genbite LXD platform to your organization.
Consultation Updates
Regularly scheduled consultations to review progress, adjust strategies, and ensure alignment with your evolving learning goals.
Biannual ReviewTriannual ReviewBimonthly Review
Pathway Designing
Creation of structured learning paths tailored to your organization’s objectives and learner needs.
Pathway Revisions
Periodic updates to learning paths to incorporate new insights, feedback, and evolving educational goals.
Biannual ReviewTriannual ReviewBimonthly Review
Complexity of Pathways
Design of learning paths with varying levels of complexity to match different learner profiles and outcomes.
Performance Tracking
Tools to monitor and report on learner progress and pathway efficacy, providing actionable insights.
AI Impoverments
Enhancement of learning experiences through AI-driven insights, content adaptation, and personalization.
StandardAdvancedFull Access
Content Curation
Careful selection and organization of educational content to ensure relevance and impact for your learners.
Content Enhancement
Ongoing improvement and updating of learning materials to maintain engagement and effectiveness.
PeriodicRegular UpdatesContinuous
Content Creation
Facility to develop bespoke content that aligns with your educational objectives, available as an add-on.
Genbite Academy Access
Exclusive learning paths created and tailored by Genbite to current industry trends and emerging technologies.
Communication designs to facilitate direct interaction with learners, enhancing engagement strategies according to each plan.
Social Learning
Features that promote learner interaction and knowledge sharing, building a collaborative learning environment.
Comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities that provide deep insights into learning program performance.
A central interface for real-time monitoring and management of learning activities and outcomes.
Pre-builtCustomizedFully Adaptive
Ability to seamlessly connect with a variety of third-party systems and applications to enhance functionality.
Dedicated assistance from our team to help with technical issues, user training, and platform optimization.
Working hours/524/524/7
Guided introduction to Genbite LXD for your team to ensure smooth adoption and maximized platform utility.
Mobile App
Extend the reach and accessibility of your learning programs with a mobile app, available as an add-on.
Migration Support
Support for transferring existing learning materials and data into Genbite LXD to ensure a smooth transition.
Customer Success Manager
A dedicated professional to support your implementation and ongoing use of Genbite LXD, ensuring success.
Content Assistant
Additional support for managing and updating content within your learning environment, provided as needed.
Minimum Number of Users
The base number of users required to establish a viable and cost-effective deployment of Genbite LXD.
Request PricingRequest PricingRequest Pricing

Strategic Pricing for Optimal Learning Solutions

Platform fee

Our pricing model is designed not just to sell tools, but to empower your organization with a comprehensive learning solution. While the fixed platform fee ensures that all necessary tools and functionalities are consistently available, high-performing, and fully tailored to meet your specific organizational needs, the user-license fee reflects our focus on the application and effectiveness of these tools within your learning strategy. This dual approach allows us to provide continuous platform enhancements and dedicated support, ensuring that you have both the capabilities and the guidance necessary to transform learning and development within your organization.

Tool Access

Our platform fee ensures that every client has unrestricted access to all our tools and features, maintained to the highest standard, to support any learning initiative.

Focused on Service,
Not Just Software

We prioritize helping clients effectively use and implement our platform to meet specific business needs, beyond just providing tools.

& Maintenance

The platform fee encompasses all costs related to hosting, customization to white-label standards, and alignment with your organizational goals, ensuring the platform is ready for your unique requirements.

User-Centric Pricing

While the platform fee covers the infrastructure and customization, the user-license fee is directly tied to the actual usage and the value derived from creating and managing learning paths tailored to your learners.

Platform Fee


USD /Month

(billed annually)

Enterprise License

Genbite’s Enterprise License offers a comprehensive and scalable solution tailored for large organizations, providing an all-encompassing learning platform with advanced customization and dedicated support.

Enterprise-Wide Deployment

Flexible Management

Customize roles, pricing, and support for organizational scalability.

Dedicated Guidance

Dedicated manager and 24/7 support for seamless operations.

Advanced Security and Compliance

Extra Data Safety

Guaranteed uptime, premium servers, daily backups, optional SLA/DPA.

8 SSO Integration

Secure and simplified single sign-on for large user bases.

Bespoke Development and Integration

Flexible Invoicing

Adapts to complex enterprise financial processes.

Customizable Features and Integration

Deep customization and seamless system integration.



Branded Mobile App

Extend learning access with a mobile app for on-the-go training and engagement.

Genbite Academy Access

Exclusive selection of learning paths focused on industry trends and technological advancements.

Data Analytics

Access comprehensive data analytics for detailed insights into academy performance, user engagement, and learning outcomes.

Content Creation

Develop custom content tailored to your educational objectives and industry specifics.

Priority Support

Benefit from priority response times and dedicated support for all your technical and user training needs.

Bespoke Integrations

Custom integrations with your existing business systems for seamless functionality and user experience.

Get Answers to Your Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Absolutely! Genbite is designed to be scalable and cost-effective for organizations of all sizes. The Growth Plan is particularly suitable for smaller teams or businesses just beginning their journey into Learning Experience Design, providing essential tools and services at a competitive price.

Our plans are tailored to support different organizational needs:

  • Growth Plan: Basic yet comprehensive tools for organizations starting their LXP journey.
  • Strategic Plan: Advanced features for organizations requiring deeper customization and more frequent updates.
  • Premium Plan: Full personalization and strategic tools for organizations seeking the most extensive features and support.

Genbite is ideal for mid-size to large organizations that are looking to:

  • Enhance their employee training programs with customized and scalable learning paths.
  • Integrate robust analytics and performance tracking to improve learning outcomes.
  • Leverage AI-driven insights for personalized learning experiences.
  • Manage diverse learning needs across multiple departments or locations.

Absolutely! We offer a variety of add-ons such as a Mobile App, Content Creation, Genbite Academy Access, Data Analytics, Priority Support, and Bespoke Integrations to help tailor Genbite to your specific needs.

No, there are no separate setup fees. Our platform fee covers the cost of creating, designing, and hosting a fully branded in-house corporate learning center tailored to your needs. This fee also includes hosting and maintenance costs. User-base licenses are charged for the service of Genbite LXD, which includes crafting customized and personalized learning paths with AI assistance according to business needs and user preferences.

You can add new users at any time as your organizational needs evolve. However, due to the customization and strategic setup involved, plan changes are generally restricted to the renewal period. Our contracts are designed to be flexible, accommodating growth and organizational changes effectively.

Genbite offers annual contracts to provide maximum flexibility. Many clients opt for longer commitments of 3-5 years to secure better pricing and stability, but we allow you to choose the term that best fits your organization’s needs.

Our onboarding process is comprehensive and tailored to ensure your platform is fully optimized:

  • Initial consultation to understand your specific requirements and objectives.
  • Needs assessment for feature selection, integration, and customization.
  • Defines clear business goals and outlines a strategic plan for your branded learning center and key learning paths.
  • Platform configuration, including user roles, permissions, and user interface customization.
  • Content migration assistance for existing training materials.
  • Administrator and key user training.
  • Software integration setup to ensure seamless data exchange.
  • User data importation and account setup.
  • Comprehensive testing and quality assurance.
  • Continuous support and optional professional services for extended customizations. This strategic setup is focused on preparing a robust platform ready to host high-priority learning pathways to maximize company performance, increase revenue, and enhance productivity.

Genbite is ideal for a range of industries including technology, healthcare, education, manufacturing, and retail. The platform is designed to meet specific needs, supporting diverse learning and development objectives from compliance training to skills enhancement. The effectiveness of Genbite is dependent not just on the industry but on tailoring our solution to meet the specific lifelong learning needs of an organization, ensuring high ROI.

Genbite takes security seriously. We ensure 99.95% server uptime, utilize premium cloud servers, perform multiple daily backups, and support customizable SLAs and DPAs to meet the highest security standards.

While Genbite offers comprehensive plans that work best when utilized as a complete ecosystem, customization options are available. We emphasize that our tools are most effective when implemented with fully designed learning paths, which are essential for maximizing learning and productivity. Our commitment is to provide a holistic solution that enhances your organization’s overall productivity.

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