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Maximize efficiency and productivity with Genbite LXD. Equip your workforce with on-the-job support tools that deliver immediate help and guidance, ensuring peak performance at all times.


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Key Benefits

Just-In-Time Learning

Provide timely information and support right when and where it's needed, reducing downtime and enhancing job performance.

Increased Productivity

Minimize disruptions by enabling employees to access support tools that help them solve problems quickly and continue their work with minimal delay.

Enhanced Knowledge Retention

Improve retention of training material with continuous learning opportunities that reinforce knowledge through practical application.

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Popular Learning Pathways

Task-Specific Guides

Provide precise, actionable guidance tailored to specific tasks, enabling employees to execute their duties with confidence and precision.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Offer clear, easy-to-follow steps that guide employees through complex tasks.

Quick Reference:

Enable fast access to essential information to minimize disruptions during critical tasks.

Best Practices:

Include tips and best practices to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in task execution.

Interactive Troubleshooting Tools

Equip employees with interactive tools to help them diagnose and resolve issues quickly and autonomously.

Diagnostic Support:

Help employees identify problems through guided decision trees and diagnostic tools.

Solution Suggestions:

Provide potential solutions and corrective actions based on common issues.

User-Friendly Interface:

Ensure the tools are intuitive and accessible, even under pressure.

Skill Reinforcement Modules

Reinforce important skills and introduce new procedures through concise, focused microlearning sessions.

On-Demand Learning:

Allow employees to access refreshers on crucial skills whenever needed.

Skill Updates:

Keep employees up-to-date with the latest techniques and procedures.

Engaging Formats:

Use interactive elements like quizzes and simulations to enhance learning engagement.


Resource Libraries

Maintain comprehensive resource libraries that employees can access to support their work, ensuring they have the information they need at their fingertips.

Wide Range of Resources:

Include manuals, FAQs, policy documents, and more.

Searchable Content:

Enable easy searching with tags and keywords to quickly find relevant information.

Regular Updates:

Keep the libraries updated with the latest information and resources.


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How It Works

Genbite LXD simplifies the delivery of real-time performance support, ensuring your workforce has instant access to the tools and information they need. Start by identifying the immediate support needs across different job roles, develop targeted support content, and deploy these resources through an easily accessible platform. Utilize ongoing analytics to monitor usage and effectiveness, allowing for continuous adjustments and updates. This dynamic approach ensures that your employees are supported precisely when and where they need it, maximizing efficiency and effectiveness on the job.

1. Instant Access

Ensure employees can access performance support tools quickly and easily through various devices.

2. Customized Content

Tailor content to the specific needs and contexts of different job roles within your organization.

3. Feedback Loop

Incorporate feedback mechanisms to continuously improve the support tools based on user experience and needs.

4. Analytics and Reporting

Use analytics to track usage and effectiveness, adjusting strategies to optimize support offerings.

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The Impact of Performance Support

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Frequently Asked Questions


Performance support provides real-time aid to employees when they need it most, directly at the point of work. Unlike traditional training that occurs away from the job context, performance support is integrated into daily tasks, offering immediate assistance to improve efficiency and reduce errors.

Genbite LXD enables you to implement performance support by providing tools that employees can access instantly for help. These tools include step-by-step guides, troubleshooting resources, and quick-reference materials, all integrated within their workflow for seamless access.

Yes, performance support can significantly reduce training costs by minimizing the need for extensive formal training sessions. By providing support right when it’s needed, employees spend less time in structured training and more time being productive, thus lowering the overall training expenses.

Effectiveness of performance support can be measured using metrics such as time saved per task, reduction in error rates, improvement in task completion rates, and overall employee satisfaction with the support tools. Genbite LXD’s analytics features enable you to track these metrics effectively.

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Key Features

White Label Academies

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AI Integration

Harness AI for personalized, adaptive learning experiences.

Dynamic Contents

Customize learning dynamically with AI to suit individual skills and pace.

Insightful Analytics

Data-driven insights to steer your organization learning strategy.

Interactive Tools

Engage learners with tools like quizzes and simulations.

Social Learning

Encourage community learning with integrated social features.

Multimodal Learning

Experience engaging courses with multimodal content capabilities.

Seamless Integrations

Effortlessly connect with your organization existing ecosystem.

Custom Websites

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Mobile Learning

Enable learning on the go with branded, white-label mobile app.

Adaptive Learning

Evolve paths with each learner's progress and feedback.

Cloud Base Platform

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Experience Design

Align learning paths with goals, customized by learner input.

Skill Tracking

Precisely monitor skills and competencies development.

Essential Learning Paths

Genbite essential skills with bespoke paths, beyond just content hosting.


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