Generative AI: Paving the Way for Enhanced Social Bonds

Gen AI & Social bonds

Explore the world of generative AI and the impact of ChatGPT, an innovative language model. Discover how effective communication with AI can improve human interactions and elevate our natural intelligence. Embrace this transformative technology for a brighter future and enhanced…

Is AI-Powered Creativity Accessible to Everyone?

In this age of artificial intelligence, we’ve marvelled at transformative advancements across various domains, with recent AI tools standing out as a game-changer for all. Nevertheless, as we delve deeper into this AI-powered landscape, an unsettling truth emerges: these very…

ChatGPT and Other Language AIs Are Nothing Without humans

ChatGPT without Human

The media frenzy surrounding ChatGPT and other large language model artificial intelligence systems spans a range of themes, from the prosaic — large language models could replace conventional web search — to the concerning — AI will eliminate many jobs — and…